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Quanta (online science magazine)

Sun’s Puzzling Plasma Recreated in a Laboratory — Jul. 29, 2019 (Also published in Nautilus Magazine)

Science (online science news)

Gene-edited livestock could be a boon to farmers in developing countries — Feb. 27, 2019

Even for fish, it can be a drag to swim while pregnant — Feb. 5, 2019

Gene-swapping in human sperm and eggs can increase genetic mutations in children — Jan. 24, 2019

How hagfish launch slime missiles that swell 10,000 times in size — Jan. 15, 2019

Good Times (weekly newspaper)

Sharks, Tsunamis, the Mystery Spot: Answering Readers’ Top Santa Cruz Questions — Jan. 1, 2019 (A joint byline with my fellow UC Santa Cruz Science Communication classmates)

AGU’s GeoSpace (online science news blog)

Rings make Saturn shadier, bluer and less hazy in winter — Dec. 27, 2018

Eos (online science news)

Watch Tiny Cracks Travel in 3-D — Dec. 26, 2018 (Also published in the Feb. 2019 issue of the print magazine Eos)

Mongabay (online science news)

As the mammal tree of life suffers hits, should we prioritize which species to save? — Dec. 6, 2018

Santa Cruz Sentinel (daily newspaper)

Former Fed chair Janet Yellen to receive UCSC Foundation award — Jan. 1, 2019

Santa Cruz dump, a wildlife haven, is a treat for birdwatchers — Dec. 15, 2018 (Also published in The Mercury News and East Bay Times)

Scientists study how an offshore wind farm may impact California wildlife — Dec. 6, 2018

Under Santa Cruz Wharf, a robot watches for algal blooms — Nov. 30, 2018

Cowell Beach might be dropped from ‘Beach Bummer’ list next year — Nov. 4, 2018 (Also published in The Mercury News and East Bay Times)

Art illuminates science at a Santa Cruz festival Saturday — Oct. 18, 2018

Wildfire safety tree-clearing program off to a bumpy start — Oct. 14, 2018

Astronomy (print magazine)

Apollo in Pop Culture — series of stories in the Jul. 2019 special issue on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (Also published online at; Abbreviated version also published in Discover’s Jun. 2019 issue and online at

Discover (print magazine)

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Algae — column in Jul./Aug. 2019 issue (Also published online at

The State of Science: Policy — round-up of 2018 science policy news in Jan./Feb. 2019 issue

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Lasers — column in Nov. 2018 issue (Also published online at

Baby, You’re a Star — extended caption in Nov. 2018 issue (online science news)

The Event Horizon Telescope: How It Works — Apr. 10, 2019 (Also published on

Magnetic Fields May Be to Blame for Jupiter’s Skin-Deep Stripes — Aug. 14, 2018 (Also published on

From Vikings to Ivory Merchants: The Economy of Greenland’s Lost Colonies — Aug. 7, 2018

As Subway Commuters Mingle, Their Microbes Do Too — Jul. 31, 2018

Meteorite Crystals Older than Earth Reveal Early Sun Secrets —  Jul. 30, 2018 (Also published on

How We Discovered the Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy — Jul. 26, 2018 (Also published on

To Understand Fossils, These Paleontologists Are Making Faux-ssils — Jul. 25, 2018

Divide and Conquer: How Cell Splitting Lets Plants Thrive on Land — Jul. 19, 2018

Jupiter’s Got Twelve New Moons — One is a Bit of a Problem Child — Jul. 17, 2018 (Also published on

What Is A Blazar? It’s Like Staring Down the Barrel Of A Black Hole — Jul. 12, 2018 (Also published on; also adapted for print in the Jan./Feb. 2019 issue)

Using Sunlight To Make Spaceship Fuel And Breathable Air — Jul. 10, 2018 (Also published on

Natural Antifreeze Keeps Beetles Unfrozen — Jul. 9, 2018

Go Web, Go! Spiders May Use Silk to Sail On Electric Fields — Jul. 5, 2018

First Fern Genome Shows Unique Bacterial Partnership — Jul. 2, 2018

This Device Makes You Invisible to Thermal Imaging — Jun. 27, 2018

These Moths Are the First Nocturnal Insect With A Magnetic Compass — Jun. 21, 2018

22,000-year-old Panda Skull Shows New Family Line — Jun. 18, 2018

Astronomers Catch Black Hole Devouring Star — Jun. 14, 2018 (Also published on

WORT 89.9 FM (community radio)

I wrote and edited scripts for an astronomy and space news show called Radio Astronomy along with several fellow astronomy grad students at UW–Madison. Below are the recordings for which I wrote scripts. 

First Observations Of The Earliest Stars — Mar. 6, 2018

Saturn’s Moon Titan Has A Sea Level — Feb. 6, 2018

Asteroid ʻOumuamua, Our Interstellar Visitor — Nov. 21, 2017

Dwarf Planet Haumea Has A Ring — Oct. 24, 2017

Cassini’s Grand Finale — Sep. 19, 2017