About Me

When I was eleven years old, I read a magazine story about the science of flavor. An illustration accompanying the story showed a large, pink milkshake brimming with the names of all the chemicals that make up strawberry flavoring. To this day, I can’t look at a strawberry milkshake without picturing a long list of chemical compounds.

Studying physics and astronomy also changed the way I see the world. Every shadow and reflective surface became an opportunity to ponder how light behaves. Each night sky offered a new chance to wrap my mind around the vast scales of our universe.

As a science writer, I now want to highlight the extraordinary nature of the ordinary world around us—to do for others what that strawberry milkshake did for me.


M.S. in Science Communication — University of California, Santa Cruz (2019)

M.S. in Astronomy — University of Wisconsin–Madison (2018)

B.A. in Physics — Pomona College (2015)